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Urine Incontinence Treatment Bexley

urine incontinence treatment

Urine incontinence is a common condition that affects many people, particularly women.

It refers to the unintentional release of urine from the bladder, which can be embarrassing and inconvenient.

LA-EMS Incontinence Treatment chair is a non-invasive urine incontinence treatment Bexley that has gained popularity in recent years.

The LA-EMS Incontinence Treatment chair uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (LA-HIEMT) to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles.

These muscles are responsible for controlling urination and may weaken due to factors such as pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, or aging.

LA-EMS Incontinence Treatment is known to promote healthy bladder and improve symptoms in treating bladder and bowel problems for stress urinary incontinence.

There are many surgical treatments and medical treatment out there for bowel function and bladder control problems to help you to stop to pass urine.

Continence advisors have a flow test for bladder and bowel and urine test.

Most people have medical conditions that can effect their general health which will help identify which continence services are right for you.

By strengthening these muscles, the LA-EMS Incontinence Treatment chair can help improve bladder control and reduce episodes of urine leakage.

Urinary incontinence usually occurs because of weaken pelvic floor muscles. LA LIPO can treat stress incontinence with LA-EMS Incontinence Treatment as well.

Most patients have said they have found a huge decrease in chronic pain and incontinence pads usage. 

The treatment sessions typically last for 28 minutes and do not require any downtime or recovery period.

The patient sits fully clothed on the LA-EMS Incontinence Treatment chair while it delivers thousands of contractions per session to the pelvic floor muscles.

The sensation may feel like doing kegel exercises but on a more intense level.

Many patients report improvements in their bladder control after just a few sessions with the LA-EMS Incontinence Treatment chair.

However, for optimal results, it is recommended to undergo multiple sessions over several weeks.

Also check out our urine incontinence treatment max for faster longer lasting results.

The treatment may also be complemented with lifestyle changes such as dietary modifications and regular exercise.

One of the advantages of this treatment is its non-invasiveness – no surgery or medication is required.

It is also painless and has minimal side effects such as mild discomfort or muscle soreness immediately after the session.

The LA-EMS Incontinence Treatment chair can be used by individuals of all ages and fitness levels and is fully FDA approved and safe.

Urinary incontinence and stress incontinence can be improved with pelvic floor exercises.

Weakened pelvic floor muscles can be the main cause of male urinary incontinence.

bladder retraining involves the urinary tract for mixed incontinence and prostate problems get better control fast.

Urinary incontinence normally occurs from 

LA-EMS Incontinence Treatment is perfect to treat urinary incontinence, bowel movements, urge incontinence and bladder function with zero downtime for treatment.

We are able to accept self referrals and offer same day treatment for your individual needs with no recovery time.

However in some cases of urge incontinence the pelvic floor is so weak you need additional help and support.

male stress incontinence and female stress incontinence can be cured with incontinence surgery this however is a huge step and has many risk factors attached.

If you have visited a bladder clinic because you suffer from bladder pain, urine incontinence, faecal incontinence, bladder problems, overactive bladder or bowel dysfunction your continence nurse has probably asked you to keep a bladder diary about when your urine leaks occur.

A medical continence service for inpatient continence assessments can take in to account that this is not a disease.

Our specialist pelvic health team will offer a specialists assessment complete our referral form here.

We will work closely with you to find the perfect treatment options for you – along with the right advice and any further information to help in problem solving your sistuation.

Many things can cause incontinence, however weight gain can be one of the most common and an easier way to manage symptoms is to work closely with our consultants using LA-EMS Incontinence Treatment electrical stimulation that does not require general anaesthetic as has no downtime at all.

However this does effect a person’s self esteem and with LA-EMS Incontinence Treatment it is easily treated as yet many people find incontinence severely impact their life and in many cases feel the only solution for this distressing problem is surgery.

If you are struggling with urine incontinence, consider trying out the LA-EMS Incontinence Treatment chair treatment option.

Consult with a healthcare professional to determine if this treatment is suitable for your condition and how many sessions you may need to achieve optimal results.

With consistent use, this innovative technology can provide significant relief from urine incontinence symptoms and improve your overall quality of life.

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